Wheel Mounted Inertial Navigation System
Weels MEMS sensor | BT 4.0 connection and sync with onboard computer
Weels MEMS sensor | BT 4.0 connection and sync with onboard computer
What is a wheel mounted inertial navigation system - PI-WINS? Well.. it is an inertial system mounted right on a vehicle's wheel. Why? Not only because we can,
but because by doing so we get odometer and accurate heading without need to access the vehicle CAN bus.

Wheel Mounted Inertial Navigation System (PI-WINS) is a wireless unit that is mounted right on a vehicle wheel. It has a battery and BT module, so it runs on a single charge for 12 hours and sends wheel measurements via Bluetooth to an onboard computer - a telematics unit or a tablet computer.
PI-WINS Output: Accurate Trajectory
PI-WINS accurately measures instantaneous wheel angular velocity, wheel vibration and wheel heading. Rotation of the wheel is used to calibrate most of the errors encountered in traditional MEMS-based dead reckoning systems.
One PI-WINS on one wheel. Reference DGPS/INS in cabin. Total driving time is 15 minutes. Initial heading and position from DGPS, otherwise inertial on-the-wheel 2D navigation solution. Low power mode - near real time solution directly from PI-WINS. EKF mode - with lag, provided via connected onboard computer. Final errors are less than 10 meters!
No need for navigation or positioning?
PI-WINS can measure high frequency vibrations, related to e.g. road surface quality, directly from the vehicle wheel: results are unaffected by vehicle suspension
What is new?
Rotation of the wheel as a free source of calibration for the PI-WINS gyros and accelerometers. This is called "carouseling" and we have gone to the next level with the method. Learn more here.
STEP model
Why in the wheel?
It is well known that measurements have to be done in the place where the action occurs. There are many applications for our technology: warehouse logistics and tracking, navigation in mines, road quality analysis, expensive tire wear monitoring and many more.
PI-WINS technical details
10 Hz
USB (we supply the BT dongle)
up to 10 full revolutions per sec
(600 rpm)
< 1000 deg/sec

Heading angle error
Wheel rotation rate error

1 deg per 1 hour of driving time
less than 0.001 of wheel
perimeter in sec

PI-WINS measurements
Output Data Packet Rate
Wheel rotation rate

Wheel heading angle rate

Max. operation time
on a built-in battery
Charging time
Wheel unit connector
Operating temperature range

< 300 g
Ø97x38 mm

12 hours
< 2 hours

  • PI-WINS samples
  • Custom on-wheel systems for your applications
  • To license our IP for your own R&D and production
  • Talk to us and ask any questions about our on-wheel navigation solutions!
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